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Singapore, or the ‘Red Dot’ as it is popularly known is more than just a cosmopolitan city thriving on its huge skyscrapers. It has various gardens vying for equal space with the buildings making the place easy on eyes. This Lion city brims with cultural festivities, language diversity, creative artistic flavors and unique architecture. It has a unique set of offerings that sets it apart from other tourist destinations and showing the world what the city really is about- an unforgettable, warm and enriching experience. The place has an old world charm living together its more modern counterpart.

Said to be the fourth leading financial centre of the world, the name of Singapore has been derived from the Malay word ‘Singapura’ thus giving the nation another name- ‘The Lion City’. There is so much to see and experience in Singapore that you can hardly cover in one visit. In addition to the old world charm offered by the key historical landmarks of the island, there is also the heritage trail that gives you an insight into several cultural precincts such as Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India. Another attraction that will appeal to a different side is the gastronomical offerings that are on platter for you to choose.

T2singapore takes you on this incredible journey where together with you it shares the experiences making all the more personal and unforgettable. Feel the allure and richness of the city will make your vacation truly unique and intriguing.  

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