How to Get A Holiday Experience In Pure Singapore

Despite being often named one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore remains a popular holiday destination victory 996 thai year after year that attracts tourists from all over the world.

This is because Singapore offers everything like exciting travel destinations, international luxury food, world-renowned fashion brands, and first-world city amenities.

While this may be enough to persuade you to plan your next trip to this special country, one still has to ask if a holiday to Singapore is worth it? Here we show you tips for getting the best experience on a Singapore holiday with a reasonable budget.

Where to eat? This Is A Halal And Cheap Food Place Selected By Singaporeans

While shopping for a snack is common during our vacation, this does not mean that we cannot enjoy the same satisfaction while saving.

To get the best dining experience in Singapore, we have to explore popular local food destinations. Don’t be surprised to find out that there are delicious eateries that are great value for money. Know Where? The first destination on our foodie list is Singapore’s famous hawker centers.

Golden Mile Food Centre

Singapore has many popular hawker centers such as Newton Food Center (Appearing in Crazy Rich Asians), Geylang Serai Food Center, and Golden Mile Food Center, where you can find stalls offering a wide variety of halal food such as local Singapore food, savory dishes modern taste to fusion cuisine.

Geylang Serai Food Center

Although these hawker centers do not have air conditioning like eateries in the mall, do not do this because you do not stop for a meal, as the food here is usually cheaper, and some people find it tasty.

Make sure you ‘chope’ your seat first before queuing for food as this place is especially popular at lunchtime. But if you can’t get a seat yourself, don’t worry, there are plenty of other visitors who don’t mind sharing the seat with you.

For those who love to eat late at night and want something more delicious than mamak, there are many unique late-night eateries like The Ramen Stall in Bugis. The restaurant operates until 5 am daily and serves halal ramen and sushi exclusively for Japanese food lovers.

For those staying in the east of Singapore and wanting to try some popular late-night snacks in the area, head to the delicious Hong Kong Tea House in East Coast Park.

The restaurant offers a selection of dishes such as dim sum, porridge, noodles, and western dishes that will surely satisfy your late-night appetite.

For those who are craving for a meal, one of the most popular halal restaurants to try is:

  • Zam Zam Restaurant (North Bridge Rd, Kampung Glam)
  • Hajah Maimunah Restaurant (Jalan Pisang, Glam Village)

There are many destinations to discover the best stomachs in Singapore, and if you are a keen explorer, you will find many hidden culinary secrets in this special country.

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