How To Get Rid Of Hanging Belly After Pregnancy?

How To Get Rid Of Hanging Belly After Pregnancy?

After delivering the baby, the hormones start baby journey blog acting actively and the uterus starts shrinking. For complete shrinkage of uterus it may take around 2-3 months after delivery. After 2 months the uterus contract back to the pre-pregnancy state and hence the size of the belly reduces to large extent. The accumulated fat also starts burning off due to exclusive breast feeding or active post pregnancy. For complete reduction it may take some time. 

In some cases, the body may not get back into its original shape and weight post pregnancy. But you must never lose hope as there are some effective techniques available to accelerate the tightening process of skin and decrease the Hanging Belly after Pregnancy. 

First Step:

Get involve in aerobic exercises along with your baby. You must start gradually. Even with one mile of walk you can burn up to 100 calories. You may take your baby for a walk in the stroller every day. Once you feel more active, confident and fit, you can gradually start with jogging stroller and increase the distance and pace slowly. You can also include yoga or Pilates into your daily regime to target your loose core. Start with pelvic tilts and combine exercises as your tolerate. 

Second Step:

You must exercise regularly to reduce the Hanging Belly after Pregnancy. Regular exercises can help you reduce the extra weight that is accumulated in the midsection. The intensity and the type of exercise you need to perform greatly depend on the present fitness level. But, ensure that you are involved in regular exercise at least 3-6 days per week for about 30-90 minutes a day. Cycling, jogging, brisk walking, riding an exercise bike, aerobatic exercises and swimming can be a good move indeed. All these activities are fun filled and you can easily make it a regular part of your daily schedule. The exercises you will perform must focus directly on core muscles and abdominal region. You may consult a fitness expert or your doctor to know some of the effective exercises that can help you get rid from sagging belly post pregnancy.  

Third Step:

Lie on the exercising mat with your back and knee bent with the feet on floor. The arms must be out to the sides. Now contract the pelvic floor muscles as if you are trying to stop the urine when using the bathroom and then release. You need to perform this exercise repeatedly with raising your one leg slightly off the floor. Hold the position for few minutes and then release and then repeat the same with your other leg. Repeat this exercise for 10 times with each leg and this will help your core to exercise and the pelvic floor muscles.

Fourth Step

Eating healthy diet regularly can also promote healthy weight loss. It will impact the entire body weight. But you need to focus only on the Hanging Belly after Pregnancy. The fat accumulated in abdomen is the prime concern and you need to start with this area first. You must include vegetables, fruits as snacks and your daily meals must comprise lean protein, low fatty dairy products and whole grains. Use healthy fat like olive oil and coconut oil for cooking your food rather than butter or vegetable oil. Post pregnancy you need to reduce your daily calorie intake and limit it to 1500-2000 calories per day. This will help you to lose your belly weight quickly and effectively.

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